1: Richard Pace of Jamestown – His descendants fall into 2 categories (3a and 3b) based on DNA testing results and other evidence.  DNA evidence and analysis by FTDNA indicates that group 3b and 3a have a common ancestor within the time span of Richard Pace of Jamestown.

Group 3a has the following subgroups:

  • Richard Pace b. c. 1699 who married Elizabeth Cain
  • John Pace who married Ann Russell
  • William Pace who married Ruth Lambert

Group 3b has the following subgroups:

  • John (“The Tory”) Pace who married Sarah (Burgh?)
  • Jesse Pace
  • William Pace who married Sicely Walker

2: John Pace of Middlesex County, VA

3: Frederick Pace of Wales – The DNA of this group of Paces does not match any of the others.  Family traditions and strong evidence indicates that they are the descendants of Frederick Pace, believed to be of Wales who came to this country with sons, William, John, and Dempsey, in 1768.  The family first settled in Edgecombe County, NC, and Chesterfield County, SC, and then moved to Clark County, Alabama, and then spread out from there.  It should be noted that no record of this Frederick has been found, and that “Wales” could include parts of western England on the Welsh border, as Wales was never an independent country and had no definite border.  There were Welsh speakers on both sides of the presently defined border of Wales, and the “border” of Wales was “fuzzy” and even wobbled back and forth at times.

4. Pees/Pace Lines – Both surname spellings are used by the family today.  Early ancestors in the US lived in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and descendants are scattered across the country, and there are many descendants in Utah

5: Unknown Pace Lines – many Paces cannot trace their lines back to any of the major Pace lines.  They are encouraged to participate in DNA testing to see if they match any of the other Pace lines.

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