Tribute to Noble Hamilton Pace

(Aug. 25, 1898 – Aug. 29, 1969) – Find a Grave

(from Pace Society of America Bulletin #10, December 1969)

We feel it fitting to give some details of the great services rendered the Paces by our founder, the late Noble Hamilton Pace.

He originally became interested in tracing his own line, but soon broadened his efforts to include all lines. He developed a wide correspondence with Paces all over the country, and in spite of the handicap of ill health, he gave generously such data as he could.

He finally conceived the idea of writing an informal “Book”. A tremendous amount of information was assembled, arranged and condensed, and when the book was issued it created great excitement in its readers, for only then was the intense pleasure of finding out about one’s ancestors realized.

This led to his feeling that perhaps an association of Paces might be formed to carry on the research. His great organizing ability now came into play. He arranged for a preliminary meeting in Jackson, Miss. in April 1963. Seven states were represented by those present; among them were Mr. J. Vernon Pace, and Miss Mabel Pavey and Miss Fern Watson of Illinois.

Receiving encouragement from this group, Mr. Pace scheduled an organization meeting in Columbus, Miss., his hometown, in August 1963. This was a well-attended meeting and included several members of the Mormon line who came all the way from Utah.

Much preparation had been made, a charter applied for, and a constitution and by-laws drawn up with the help of Mr. J. V. Pace and others. At this meeting, the necessary action was taken to establish the Pace Society of America, Inc.

Thereafter news of the Society traveled from one Pace to another, and more and more family data was sent in, to an extent where Mr. Pace, as Historian, was hard-pressed for room to accommodate the mass of information.

A meeting was held each year; those meetings were enjoyed by all, and helped develop many close friendships. But it was Mr. Pace’s intense interest and hard work which accounted for the continued progress of the society.

We all owe him much for such dedicated service, and can best honor him by furthering what he so generously started – the Pace Family Society.


Noble Hamilton Pace was born Aug. 25, 1898 and died Aug. 29, 1969 in Mississippi. He buried in New Cleveland Cemetery, Cleveland, Bolivar County, Mississippi

Book by Noble Hamilton Pace: Pace: One of America’s Earliest Emigrant Families (Columbus, Miss., 1962)

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