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William Foster Pace enlisted in the 14th Virginia Regiment commanded by Colonel Lewis on January 23, 1777. Because of his outstanding performance and character, Pace was recommended for assignment to George Washington’s Commander-in-Chief’s Guard.

Each regiment from Virginia sent four men that were to be interviewed by George Washington himself for the Guard. They were not to appear in uniform as George Washington wanted to see what they looked like in everyday clothes. The candidates had to be between 5 ft. 9″ and 5 ft. l0″ tall. Additional requirements included neatness of appearance, good character, married, a land-owner, and a sober man with good character. In May of 1777, William Pace was transferred from the 14th Virginia Regiment to the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard. William Pace’s enlistment was up six weeks after Valley Forge where he spent that terrible winter. However, he reenlisted for the duration of the War. William Pace remained in the army after the Battle of Yorktown in October,1781,until he was discharged in Newburgh, New York, in November of l783.

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